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The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!

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LIBERATED; fuck a nine to five [May. 31st, 2010|01:27 pm]
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!
im free [currently in Eugene, Oregon]
driving up the coast in my home, a kickass v6 van
gasjugging and dumpsterdiving and foodstamps
and meeting new people of the universe
not a worry other than the whole world to care for...
and when the big picture is the only seen the anxiety seems to subside
i find myself saying that out loud everyday
im free from everything ive never wanted. the only worries in my head when i wake up are food. and theres plenty of it here. so there are no worries
T-Rex,my roadcat, likes to adventure in the Redwoods...she has the most IDEAL catlife ever. We both do.
After the National gathering I'm coming to San Diego, ditching the van and leathertramping it because then I will be completely Babylon-free and UTTERLY HAPPY.
lovin you, huffin glue...

but seriously. this is the most mentally/emotionally/physically/everything healthy I HAVE EVER FELT.
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<3 [Mar. 10th, 2010|01:17 pm]
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!
about to drop everything
grab a pack and sleeping bag and live like ive always dreamed, off of the earth and on a whim...
fuck the expectations i never adopted myself anyway
i just want to be happy, EVERYDAY. without the aid of drugs.
the only way i see this happening is saying FUCK EVERYTHING.
[except sleep, food, pooping, peeing, and beauty...interaction. that is all i need and all i'll do]
the only way i can stay sane | nomad. dirt. earth. nature. animal. instinct. beauty. every day. every moment.

i love you all, so does the universe
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heavy sigh [Sep. 27th, 2008|09:29 pm]
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!
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ATMOSPHERE [Jul. 30th, 2008|08:05 am]
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!



To TOWN!!!!!!!!!!11111

omgomgomgomgomgomggomgomgo [/end fangirl]

ooh who am i kidding! i cant end it!!!! I worship Atmosphere. Street Scene 08 is sounding reeeeallly good :D:D:D:D:D

and im going! I finally get to see one of the greatest lyricists known to man.

heavy sigh.
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scary shit that makes sense in the end... [Jul. 12th, 2008|09:05 am]
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!
I think, No I'm pretty sure, I have fibromyalgia,

It explains EVERYTHING. oh man. its weird when you find out your body is fucked, like wtf i never expected it...
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i <3 alix olson X-D [Jul. 3rd, 2008|03:24 pm]
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!
There were no seats on the subway
so I had to grab a strap
As I lifted up my arm I heard a scream "what’s that?"
I took a look around,
I thought "there must be something scary".
Like a lion or a tiger or the Virgin Mary?
But then, I noticed they were looking at me.
I heard "oh my gawd! They’re hairy!"

You turn thirteen, they put a razor in your hand
To teach you the difference between a woman and a man.
You see, chicks smooth their pits
so boys can smooth the chicks.
But I was different, I wanted to smooth the chicks,
I wanted to lick their pits!

Armpit Hair! Armpit Hair! (I like it)
Armpit Hair! Armpit Hair! (spike it, spike it!)

I was walking around brooklyn
when these cool guys drove by
They said "we’re looking for a good time baby,
wanna ride?"
I flashed my biggest smile,
I said "hey, sounds like fun"
Then I flash my armpit hair. They turn. They run.

Armpit Hair! Armpit Hair! (it’s a weapon)
Armpit Hair! Armpit Hair! (use discretion)

Well, I hear that the Senate is planning a convention
to pass an amendment
On body hair prevention. I’m planning on attending,
I’ll be sitting in the front row.
I’ll have chains on my pits screaming
"Hell no, it won’t go!"
I’m like Inspector Gadget, when I unfurl my curls
I lasso all the bad guys, then I rope in all the girls.
Well, I figure I owe ‘em cause they saved me
From the clueless and the hairless Patriarchy!

Armpit Hair, Armpit Hair! (you know it)
Armpit Hair! Armpit Hair! (grow it, grow it!)

Well, I want to go to Europe, the land of Brave and Free
Where it’s considered natural for girls to be hairy.
Where gillette don’t make a profit off of
keeping womyn busy
As pleasers with their shavers
and their razors and their tweezers.

So to all the boys and the men
with the furry, furry masses
With the ape like backs
and the very hairy asses.
I don’t find that particularly pretty
So get your opinion out of my hairy pitty.

Armpit hair! (forget..) Armpit hair! (gillette)
Armpit hair! (don’t cut it) Armpit Hair!
(rapunzel swung from it!)

They say, "cut your clits and shave your pits,
and cover your tits!"
We say- bullshit.
Cause I use my curls to be at one with the world
like when I’m out camping
And I lay myself to rest
I sleep with my arms up
so the birdies can nest.
So stop and reconsider just what they consider natural
Cause armpit hair is simply
Mammally Factual.
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my hairyness... [Jun. 14th, 2008|12:58 pm]
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!
[Current Mood |hairy&happy]
[Current Music |nina simone - break down and let it all out]

I joined an awesome hairy pits comm and took pics of my beautiful hair. had to share a story and some pics :)

I have not shaved my pits since my wedding day, which was April 2nd, 2007. I still regret doing it then, I just didn't think it through I guess and since my wedding dress was sleeveless I gor warped into shaving. Needless to say, I had a horrible rash and was scratching my pits the whole time. Before that, I hadn't shaved for a year. I love not shaving, just as everyone here does. The fuzziness provides comfort and naturality that shaving could never.


+2Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jun. 2nd, 2008|05:18 pm]
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!
[Current Music |slug - shrooms]

Oh my god
What's going on?
Oh no
Oh why did I try to take that whole quarter pound of fire blue phelocide?
And now I've been trippin for about 96 hours
I devourd the whole bag
And I feel I'm bout to gag into the porcelain goddess
Honestly my eyes are swollen red just took 4 gallons of o.j. to the head.
Now I'm mo' than half dead
Mo' like whole dead undead, walking zombie banshee, antsie from all these vile tick and twitches, whises of new visuals individuals like streams to stop they crusin all these creams and bluesen mobs and wabas lime green
I've seen less strange things in screen kaleidoscope
I've tried to cope with the trips but it makes it just makes it worse, cause if you try to concentrate you invision yourself up in a hearst, or even worse insects crawling in sworms, it's a riot, the cellings melting at the hyette, why don't you try it?

Why don't you try it?

I took the advice, gobbled heads and stems swallowed vitamine C enriched grape fruit liquid just to clense my phlegm it's been half an hour since I ate them, I still can't lose the after taste from the blumas telling me why did I take them, my man told me I would dig em, asked me to roll with them, I did them now I'm a victim stomach's getting sick from the tightness Ahhhhit like a vicegrip ahhhh why do you like this somebody turn on the light swtich ahhhh how'd you talk Slug into f*cking with this drug? Sh*t stuck between my teeth, and I'm breaking nuts anticipating big buzz and then the hot flash hit like the sun, honestly I want it to be done, my man promised me it would be fun, did I eat to many, did I jump in too fast? How longs this sh*t last? Everyone take off your mask, I've lost my grasp I don't mean to eat and run on the 16th pound but f*ck that I'm out of here bearfoot, january, late street, east bound

Why don't you try it?

Using our 20th century uhhh concepts we would say he was eaither demented or schizophrenic.
Uhh he has clearly the sypmtoms of a delerious state.
Uhh theres a great disturbence over affect including fear and rage
He has intermate infers of being incoherient and irrational, he hallucinates uhh he has losen intervels.
He misidentifies people around him he even has moments of being uncertain about himself.
And as his characteristics of a delirium uhh it's associated with fever he lappses then into a deep sleep, in which he recovers in apparent return in irrational faculties.
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(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2008|08:49 pm]
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!
is anyone who has both/either the sound of music or moulin rouge soundtrack willing to mail me a burnt copy?

id appreciate it infinitely!
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to all my imladris peepz: [Apr. 5th, 2008|03:03 pm]
The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[Current Music |silence.]

this goes out to all Imladris...ians:

We should BRING BACK LJ. And start posting about our daily adventures and commment on each others' and be a cool online community with gatherings again.

I MISS YOU GUYS (you know who you are ;)

wayyyy too much.

Sincerely and with love,

Ana Coolio.
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